A Fresh Way to Energize

March 28, 2017





Skirt : Zaful
Top : Charlotte Russe
Shoes : Vince
Earrings : Aqua by Bloomingdales

Hello Dolls!

Although, it’s nice to enjoy a cup of Joe every now and then, I have really been trying to cut back on my intake. However, if you’re a coffee-addict like me, this can be a little difficult, especially at the end of the work day. Like any occupation that requires constantly standing on your feet, it can get pretty draining at the end of the day. When I clock out at work, I still have workouts, errands, meetings , events, and blog stuff. So, if I’d already had my coffee that, I would have two choices: 1) endure the 5PM coffee crash or 2) indulge in another cup or two.

When I tried Runa Tea, I surprised at how much energy such a natural and fresh tea could give me so much lasting energy. The first time I had the bottled tea, I did not have a decent amount of sleep the night before and had a busy day ahead. However, Runa  gave me the focus and positive energy to take control of my day!

As stated before, Runa uses all natural ingredients from the Ecuador. College students and soon to be Runa founders, Tyler and Dan, visited the Ecuadorian community of Kichwa in 2009. They were both intrigued by the naturally caffeinated leaf, guayusa, while concerned about the unsustainable conditions of this Ecuadorian communities. Thus, they decided to create Runa, an energizing, natural, fare-trade tea. So, after graduation, they relocated to Ecuador to build their business. Today, Tyler and Dan’s dream has become a beautiful reality as Runa has been distributed worldwide. It has also remained true to the Latin American culture while providing sustainable jobs,and keeping the integrity of the Amazon rainforest. This is a beautiful lesson that if you see inspiration and opportunity, you should remain focused and follow it, especially if that vision can positively impact the lives of others!

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