Empowerment through the Fashion Blogger Community

April 26, 2017
Social media clearly plays an essential role in any of today’s fields — especially publication. For writers and bloggers, it’s a tool to simplify our art into quickly readable, shareable content. Plus, social media also serves as a networking platform for other bloggers and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s to collab on content, market a product, or receive advice from a more seasoned influencer, getting that extra help and push is necessary for bloggers of all areas. Start promoting yourself to more and more communities and forums by making yourself known, not just by your post, but by your outreach to other bloggers. Of course, you want to focus on your niche, but do not exclude outside fields because we can all find a way to help one another.  So set a numeric goal for Facebook, Insta, Twitter, etc. comments to other — not just Emojis or “follow backs”, but genuine, relationship building, conversation starters. Not only will this get your name out even further, it will uplift and encourage others to keep up the fabulous work. In the not-so-nice fashion world, who doesn’t want and need that? So, whether you’re starting out as a fresh, new blogger or have been in the game for a while, don’t be too intimidated or too proud to reach out with other bloggers and entrepreneurs. Because as the famous 2006 Disney Channel “classic” states, “we’re all in this together!”


Amber Lynette Lyons