Word Up: How to Dress-Up A Slogan Tee

Earrings : Bloomingdale’s Shoes : Miu Miu Hello Dolls! Statement tees have certainly floated in and out of fashion but seem to make a cool and interesting statement, regardless of the era. This trend made their┬ádebut in the late 60’s and 70’s when t-shirts were just starting to be worn daily by men and women […]

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Empowerment through the Fashion Blogger Community

  Jacket : Zaful Skirt : Zaful Top : Smak Parlor Sneakers : Adidas Hello Dolls! It’s no secret that blogging can be the perfect outlet to express style, views, opinions, and advice. Now, more than ever, marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs in virtually every niche are utilizing blogs as a platform to represent themselves and/or […]

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