Humid-Day Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Makeup Bag

July 5, 2016

Hello Dolls!

Summer has to be one of my absolute favorite season — long days, warm nights, sun-kissed skin, flowy dresses, short shorts, giant sunhats… You get the idea! With these warm-weather advantages comes uncomfortable, sweaty, scalding disadvantages, but hey, no season is perfect! As we move deeper into summer, we experience more and more heat and humidity. Here’s how you can pack and prepare for those sticky, humid workdays, vacays, shopping trips, festivals, or any summer destination and activity like a hot weather pro!

1. Makeup Setting Spray

After spending half of your morning beating your face, it’s one of the worse feelings in the world to take one step out of your apartment, feel your hard work already melting off of your face, and think to yourself, “What was the point of doing my makeup when it’s just going to melt off after one minute into going outside?” Now, I’ve always been told to wear less makeup during warmer months, which I do (to an extent!). For example, apply only one, thin layer of medium cream or liquid foundation instead of layering full coverage. Nonetheless, if you’re a full-face, bold color, full-coverage type of girl, going TOO natural is simply blasphemous. A makeup setting spray is the answer to our prayers. After applying your makeup, just spray one layer on your t-zone and another layer in an “X” to have long lasting makeup throughout the scalding day. I will usually apply my Makeup Forever Mist & Fix or Urban Decay All Nighter once immediately after makeup application and again in the middle of the day!

2. Pack Your Powders Only

One important tip when packing for a hot day out is to only pack powder-based makeup products. Sure, it’s fine to lightly apply liquid or cream based products (along with setting it in translucent powder and setting spray), but for your daily commute, it’s better to leave the liquid foundation and cream concealer at home. The heat will change the quality of the product’s texture which may result in less coverage. The only exception would probably be lipstick (I will explain later). For a great translucent powder that also comes in a convenient travel size, try Makeup Forever’s HD Pressed Powder. For a powder with sun protection, try BareMineral’s Touch Up Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

3. Lipstick Case 

Going along with tip No. 2, lipstick would have be the only exception to the “powder only” rule because I don’t know of too many powder-based lip colors! The solution is to store your lipstick or gloss in a separate, metal case to keep it cool and protected from heat during your daily commute. Most lipstick cases include a convenient mirror for easy application on the go!
4. Blotting Sheets

These are a huge lifesaver whenever you’re out and about on a humid day, and you can find these at any local drugstore. Try sheets with polypropylene such as Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets for maximized oil absorption. Just dab any oily spots with a sheet or two, reapply a small amount of translucent powder, and you’re back to that flawless finish! 

5. Travel-Size Sunscreen

Of course, you should always apply sun protection before stepping out for fun in the sun, but it’s also important to have a little touch-up ready just in case the humidity melts your sun protection. Going along with the “powder only” tip, make sure to not carry along water-based moisturizers as heat can overload preservation and cause microbial growth. Tarte To Go Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion protects and hydrates the skin adding a youthful, radiant glow, and, unlike many other sunscreens, Tarteguard is chemical-free and all-natural! 

6. Pen-Size Bug Spray

Another not-so-fun part about summer is those nasty, creepy-crawlers that come out in heat of the season. I personally am absolutely terrified of bugs, and I find stings and bites absolutely unbearable. So, I am willing to do everything in my power to keep them as far away as possible! Like sunblock, even if you apply bug spray before stepping out, it will eventually sweat-off. You can find a pen-size repentant at your local Home Depot that you can spray throughout the day to keep those pesky gnats and mosquitoes away.   
Happy Summer!
Mademoiselle Lyons