Amber’s Picks: The Perfect NYC-Inspired Mothers’ Day Gift {PLUS Exclusive 15% Off Code}

May 9, 2017

Hello dolls!

If you’re like me and have an undying love the Big Apple, you’ll be more than thrilled that you can now fill your space with NYC-inspired aroma. Now, I know what you’re thinking, New York City isn’t always the most pleasing to the olfactory system; however, along with the nitty-gritty of this rough city lies an unparalleled level of glamour and luxury. That’s where Sunday brunches, colorful corner florist, Central Park chestnuts, and sassy soirees come into play. Luckily, 62 and Lex Candle beautifully captures the ambiance of Manhattan’s Upper East Side as well as other beloved locations of the Northeast. Not only do they smell divine, but they are hand crafted and poured with all natural ingredients –100% soy wax, natural fragrances, and cotton wicks.

My favorite scents of the bunch are the Corner Florist and Mimosa Brunch – two very NYC-inspired scents. I absolutely adore the subtle notes of lily, rose, and lilac of the Corner Florist because it eliminates your space with floral, springtime vibes without being too perfume-y. However, Mimosa Brunch is my number one fave with its perfect mixture of sweet and floral. Just like any mimosa, this scent is an orange with a twist! With the classic mandarin orange and tangerine, it also carries interesting notes of pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, and jasmine!

Check out more of this Upper East Side based candle brand on Etsy!

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Amber Lynette Lyons