Surviving My First Year in New York City

May 17, 2017

Dress: Likely
Shoes: Sammy Dress
Earrings: Aqua

Hello Dolls!

On this day at exactly 1:00PM EST, one year ago, I had arrived to this fast-paced, culturally embraced, beautiful city. I’ve heard that your first year is the hardest when moving to a new city, especially New York. While it has been certainly been my most difficult adjustment yet, I have also discovered what I truly wanted out of life. On my 5 month NYC anniversary, I created a very similar post which described my journey from my internship applications to my first New York Fashion Week. This time, I can share my story from a much more experienced point of view. Although I definitely do not have all of the answers, I am learning something new every single day. That’s what growing up is all about, and it’s so fulfilling to experience new, exciting , and often scary journeys to open your mind and add value to your life.

This past year has certainly added that value, and I hope for the lessons (the simple as well as the difficult) to keep coming. I want to look them in the face and say, “come at me!” These obstacles are what keep life interesting, and they allow you to prove your strength to others and, more importantly, yourself.  It’s like fitness; if you are continuously lifting 100 pounds to the point where you’re just simply going through the motions, yes, you’re working, but you’re not getting any stronger. In order to gain strength, you must challenge and push yourself.  Although you don’t have to move over 800 miles from home to the United States’ most populated city or take on one of NYC’s most competitive industries, you can take your own leap of faith by taking that new career move, moving to a unique city, changing your lifestyle, or whatever you believe is the push you need to live the life you deserve. Those moves can either be a simple transition or they can be a bumpy road; either way, you’re taking a journey to your version of a fulfilled life. Even if later on you decided that that move was not your calling, at least you experienced it because life is too sort to wonder, “what if?”

I had this very mindset when moving to New York, and though this road has been a bumpy one, it’s only made me stronger and more determined to take on my next challenge! In the words of Frank Sinatra, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere!”


Amber Lynette Lyons