3 Most Flavorful, Natural Honeys and Their Unique Uses

July 14, 2017

Hello Dolls!

For the past few months, I’ve been obsessed with using all-natural products as a part of my skin and hair care routine. A majority of my favorite products can be easily found in my very own kitchen pantry. For example, avocado, coconut oil, cucumber, shea butter, olive oil, and honey are essential, organic staples for hydrated and glowing skin, hair, and nails. I’ve always suffered from dry-combo skin, and moving to New York City has certainly not helped. However, when I stopped buying the same chemical and artificial ingredient infused products and began using all-natural remedies, I noticed a huge difference in my skin’s feel and appearance. Now, even with the not-so-great NYC air quality, my skin is softer and more radiant than ever because I am finally feeding my skin what it truly needs!

One natural remedy in particular that has proven amazing results is also my favorite, natural sweetener. Honey has been used as an alternative for skin regiments and hair products for centuries, and Heavenly Organics has created a unique line of honey that is delicious as it is beneficial. The honeys come in a variety of flavors; so, along with listing the numerous ways Heavenly Organics honey can positively impact your beauty regiment, I have also included some yummy food complements for you to enjoy!

Acacia Honey

Produced from the nectar of acacia flowers, this tangy honey is the perfect sweetness boost to add to fruits, yogurts, and herbal teas. I love drinking herbal, green tea as a stress reliever, so it’s a match made in heaven when mixed with the acacia honey because it is also a proven de-stressor. The honey will, in turn, increase the positive affects of the tea, and who doesn’t want a little more stress relief? It’s also gives your body positive energy to keep you moving. So if you want to skip the morning coffee or tea, just mix some acacia honey into your yogurt for a quick boost of energy. It’s also low in sucrose, making it a great sugar substitute for diabetics. For the skin, acacia honey can also replace your daily facial cleanser because of its natural, gentle properties, and it can act as a solution for wounds due to it’s proven ability to formate collagen.

White Honey

From the exotic, wildflowers of the Himalayan Mountains, this smooth honey is amazing on fresh bread or bagel as a less-fattening butter replacement. Because of the mild sweetness, white honey can also be used as an ingredient for baked goods by replacing refined sugar. I prefer white honey because it is not has rich and overbearing as the darker honeys. Like other honeys, this white honey is an excellent healer and holds the ability to kill of bacteria because it naturally contains hydrogen peroxide. You can also make a hydrating mask by spreading it on dry skin and allowing it to sit for 15-30 minutes before rinsing. Since it’s loaded with antioxidants and enzymes, raw white honey acts as a gentle exfoliator for your skin and cuticles. Mix it with baking soda for some extra dead skin removal. Mix it with coconut oil, and you have a penetrating, hydrating rinse or leave-in conditioner.

Neem Honey

This robust, rich honey deliciously complements mixed cereal, fruit, and nuts or can be used as substitute for maple syrup on a whole grain waffle. Because of the exotic flavor, it taste delicious in chai tea or coffee. Neem honey is produced from the neem tree in India and has been used in the Indian culture to relieve numerous illnesses. This anti-inflammatory honey can be used to treat cough, fever, loss of appetite, arthritis, diabetes, skin disease, lice, and high blood pressure. From the entire collection, the neem honey is the richest in flavor as well as healing power!

Find your favorite honey at Heavenly Organics.


Amber Lynette Lyons

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