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How to Keep it Professional with Pastels

August 11, 2017

Pants : Closet Staple


Hello Dolls,

I am so glad that career attire is no longer the simple black, navy, or brown suiting that our business professors convinced us was that only¬†outfits we’d be wearing for the rest of our lives (Tragic!). However, depending on your profession, certain dress codes call for a more elevated attire, where others will accept a casual yet appropriate ensemble. I’ve even seen the women of Wall Street ditch the 1980’s idea of “Power Dressing” for a sleek, tailored dress and stilettos that scream “#GirlBoss”. Some of use are taking the classic, suit and giving it a modern, girly twist that can effortlessly transcend into after-work. We can do this by throwing in unique colors, playing up patterns, and incorporating flattering silhouettes.

Closet Staple nails the professional #GirlBoss style with these super-chic “The Leisure Moment” Tapered Pant. This color is perfect for spring/summer and can easily trickle into the fall with a light-weight sweater or blazer. I love how they’re professional and tailored yet lightweight enough to feel comfortable during the humid New York summers, which is definitely not the easiest thing to find. Also, this soft blue is seriously the new grew, and it pairs so nicely with crisp white, red, or blush.

Be sure to shop these pants as well as tons of other beautiful pieces at ClosetStaple.com!


Amber Lynette Lyons