Mix Up Your Life Like I Mix My Prints

November 1, 2017




Ankle Boots: Indigo Rd

Hello Dolls!

We’ve all seen the fun, mixed print trend thats rocking the streets. However, if you asked me back in high school to mix prints, I would have confusingly dazed at you, rolled my eyes, and looked the other way. Today, I’m 100% down with mixing, matching, and everything in between! Yes, I still keep my polished, girly style, but I enjoy taking risks and breaking the rules. I’ve learned that getting dressed is so much more fun when you stop trying so hard and just express your fun, fabulous self through your ensemble!

For me, this mindset developed from growing up, changing my environment from college and later to NYC, and just opening my mind! It seems as though the ideal way that people mature in there style is becoming more conservative and professional. However, I have matured in my style by becoming more free and having fun with my clothing choices!

But here’s the big picture ― this mindset has trickled into my personal life. Like mixing prints and patterns, it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone and do something different. Just like planning an outfit, going through life with a plan is important, but sometimes you’ve gotta change it up just to make life a little more interesting! I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten way more compliments on more expressive, less thought-out outfits than I have compared to more intentional ones. Same goes for life ― it’s far more enjoyable when unique mixes and random surprises are thrown in than if everything were to go as planned.

This is perfectly inline with my philosophy that the way you dress tells the world who you are and who you’d like to be. So find way to mix up your day whether it be making a new friend, switching up your daily routine, or taking a huge leap-of-faith that you typically wouldn’t. Because life is too short to live a solid-colored life!


Amber Lynette Lyons

Photos by Erica Westley

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